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Clipper Cord Set HO7RN (Generic)

Clipper Cord Set HO7RN (Generic)

A generic cord set as used on many heavy duty clippers. Specification is :
  • Tough oil resistant rubber/nitrile rubber insulation complying with standard HO7RN-F 2 X 1.0
  • Plug compliant with BS1363 A (heavy duty) and fitted with a 3 Amp fuse
  • 2 core conductors of 1.0 mm2 crosss ection
  • Length 3.5m
  • Diameter approximately 8.0 mm

  • It is important to choose the same diameter cord as previously fitted to your clipper.
    Must only be fitted by a qualified electrician.

    Price: 20.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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