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Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper-(Mains Version)

Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper-(Mains Version)

Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper-(Mains Version) - view 1Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper-(Mains Version) - view 2

Laser 2 Special Offer for the Clipping Season !!!

Ideal for for heavy duty rapid clipping. The Laser 2 horse clipper is a high powered professional clipper suitable for continuous clipping of horses and cattle. The Mk 2 has various improvements over the well established Laser including an even more powerful motor and a specially reinforced flex.

The recently introduced, light weight plastic head has made the Laser 2 lighter and quieter which is a real benefit when clipping continuously.

The Laser 2 accepts Wizard blades which makes sheep dagging and shearing possible with the standard horse clipper head. Alternatively the Laser is capable of conversion to a sheep shear and the full range of wide combs and cutters for dagging or full shearing is available.

The Laser is supplied in a tough presentation case with A2F (Fine) metal socket horse blades, clipper oil, grease, brush and instructions.

The Laser is available in two versions:- This is the 220 - 240 volt version. You can see details of the 12 volt model here and an alternative sheep shearing head can be found here.

The Laser is a very powerful machine so when re-ordering blades we strongly recommend specifying the metal socket variety

Price: 280.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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